Lost Property – Objets trouvés

Has your child lost a jumper, lunch box or bottle?

Each year there is an enormous amount of unclaimed property. Make sure you label your child’s items (school uniform, drink bottle, lunch box, etc.).

Lost Properties can be found under the stairs in the primary courtyard.

Sorted items are in labeled crates on top of the tables that have been arranged in Alphabetical Order according to the student name.

All the items below the table are yet to be sorted by parent volunteers.

To assist parents or students to find items more quickly, as time allows, volunteer parents are regularly moving the items from below the table and sorting them into the crates on top of the table. ASSISTANCE is always appreciated.

Sorted items with No-names will be placed in a separately labeled box on top of the table.
The school has informed the PnC that all lost property uniforms remaining on the last day of each term will be donated to the school’s second-hand clothing store and all other property will be donated to charity.

Unclaimed lunch boxes are brought off the playground and placed below the table. Note that after a week, these lunch boxes are disposed of in line with OH & S concerns. Please support the school and the lost property volunteers by regularly checking for your children’s lost items and helping to keep the lost property area neat and organised. Encouraging your children to do the same is also greatly appreciated.

Items of value (glasses/bus card etc.) are placed in the Primary Front Office.

Contact the P&C Lost Property Officers lostproperty-at-telopeapnc.org.au for any queries.